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Together EMPOWERED Inc. is a 501 (c)3 organization committed to supporting and empowering women and girls of color worldwide.

Together EMPOWERED has a powerful impact on the community by providing women and girls of color with tools to promote growth, independence, and increased self-esteem through our Core Values of Love, Sisterhood, and Service. Together EMPOWERED raises funds to support our Little Sister and Sister-2-Sister mentoring programs, as well as a host of other programs to uplift and empower our community. Our mentoring programs create a sisterhood among women and girls, promote education and excellence, and empower women and girls with the tools to achieve their Dreams.


Dr. Bertrina Olivia West Al-Mahdi


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Together EMPOWERED, Incorporated is a non-profit organization of women committed to love, sisterhood, and service. We are dedicated to developing the potential of women and girls through our 6 Pillars of Success. Our purpose is to unify women and girls of color, empower them with the tools to achieve their dreams, and break down barriers that hold them captive from reaching their full potential. This is accomplished by strengthening the bonds between women and girls, partnering with our community, and promoting our values of Love, Sisterhood, and Service.


Love yourself, the world, and those around you. Take pride in yourself. Know that you were beautifully made. With Love comes Respect. Respect yourself, Respect others, and Respect the Earth.


We support healthy relationships by unifying with other women and girls to strengthen, encourage, support, inspire, empower, and uplift one another. We strive to create unbreakable bonds and life-long friendships.


We are committed to creating change in our community and impacting the world, through our service to others and commitment to excellence.

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Together EMPOWERED, Incorporated is a membership-driven nonprofit organization committed to providing empowerment and unification to women and girls of color worldwide. This is accomplished by promoting our values of Love, Sisterhood, and Service throughout various programs and services for women and children

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