Together EMPOWERED, Incorporated began as a vision of Dr. Bertrina Olivia West Al-Mahdi in 2011. Dr. Al-Mahdi wanted a way to empower and unite women of color, while simultaneously combating the sexual exploitation of women of color. In August 2011 Black Ladies, Inc. was established with a focus on providing resources and mental health services to women of color.

In June 2015, Dr. Al-Mahdi traveled to KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg, South Africa where she discovered that the need to unite and empower women of color was an international concern. Upon her return, Dr. Al-Mahdi established the Black Wives Club (BWC), a division of Black Ladies, Inc. whose mission is to unite and provide support, sisterhood, and advisement, to married women of color internationally.

A year later, in June 2016, Black Ladies, Inc. had grown to over 500 members worldwide, including 163 members of the BWC, and Black Ladies, Inc. was officially established as an international 501 (c)3 organization. With the support and unification of women worldwide, Black Ladies International, Inc. has been able to provide empowerment and support services to over 1,200 women and girls of color worldwide since 2011.

In 2018, Black Ladies International Inc. changed its name to highlight its mission and vision of empowering and uniting women, Together EMPOWERED!