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Little Sisters is a one-on-one mentoring program that connects girls in grades 1-12 with an adult female mentor from their community. This program focuses on enriching the lives of today’s youth through our 6 Pillars of Success: Leadership Development, Fitness, Nutrition and Body Image, Personal Safety, Education and Exposure, Etiquette, and Financial Literacy.

Little sisters are divided into two age groups: Little Ladies focuses on girls in grades 1-4, while young Ladies focuses on girls in grades 5-12. Each mentor is required to undergo an extensive interview and training process and undergo a criminal background check prior to being assigned a Little Sister. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can become a mentor click here to fill out an application.

Click Here if you would like to join our Little Sisters mentoring program.

Little Ladies

Little Ladies is a mentoring program is for girls in grades 1-4. Little Ladies focuses on introducing young girls to Together EMPOWERED‘s values of love, sisterhood, service, and to always be a lady, through various projects. Little Ladies connect with their mentor on a weekly basis at their school, in their home, or within the community. The Little Ladies mentoring program introduces young girls to what it means to be a Lady by promoting academic excellence and lady-like behaviors. Click here if you want to become a Little Lady.

Young Ladies

Young Ladies is a mentoring program is geared toward girls between ages 10 and 18 years. This program continues to build on the values of Together EMPOWERED by offering one-on-one mentoring that focus on promoting lady-like behavior and preparing youth for their future. The Young Ladies program offers girls the opportunity to be exposed to world travel, community service and social activism, various post-secondary opportunities, and successful black women in their communities. Click here if you want to join the Young Ladies mentoring program.


Sister-2-Sister is a program focuses on women ages 18 years and over who have the desire to change their current circumstances. This program connects these women with other women in their community who can help them achieve their desired goals. In this program, women are connected with and taught how to utilize community resources to advocate for their needs. In addition, women also have the opportunity to obtain assistance with navigating the educational system to obtain their high school diploma, college degree, or training certificate. Additionally, women can obtain assistance with starting their own business or navigating corporate America.

The Sister-2-Sister program offers overall help and support to one another and empowers women with the skills to make a change in their own life. Click here to fill out an application to join the Sister-2-Sister program.
To become a mentor or request more information about the Little Sister of Sister-2-Sister mentoring program click here to fill out a mentoring application. To join the Little Sister’s program click here. To join the Sister-2-Sister program click here.